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January 11, 2017

Heart the Game-Michael Barber

Heart the Game song from Michael Barber on MPM 1.


Semantics by Michael Barber and Matty Moe ft. Renzo St. Charles

Fan made video for the song, Semantics, from Michael Barber and Matty Moe’s Deadly Combo album featuring Renzo St. Charles.

Moon Rocks · Michael Barber and Matty Moe

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Moon Rocks · Michael Barber & Matty Moe lead single from the Deadly Combo album….

Purchase on Itunes

Michael Barber and Matty Moe “Chemical Dependency (feat. Illuminati Sky)

From Matty Moe and Michael Barber’s Deadly Combo album the song Chemical Dependency featuring Josh Tifer from Illuminati Sky.

Drunk on Christmas Eve by Michael Barber

Single from Michael Barber for Christmas release titled Drunk on Christmas Eve

March 26, 2010

Motion Picture Mayhem 2

Download Part 2 of 5 Here

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