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About Michael Barber

I am a musician.

I sample, I write, I record, and I perform.

I mostly stick to creating hip hop projects, but after signing with Universal Records, I jumped back into the music I grew up on, and turned in a crazy album, Shotguns and Canned Goods.

If I had to sum up my music quickly, Sinatra and had a baby with hip hop that grew up on rock.

I am from a small town, or city, I guess they say “city” cause it has a Mall.

Last year moved to the beach and built a studio from the ground up, Aquemini Beach Front Studios.

I have worked with a ton of musicians, from people who will never sell one record but could go platinum, to people that have indeed gone platinum and earned Grammy’s.

Love life, enjoy the free music on here, my Universal Records debut is due out shortly and features production from Dr. Dre’s protege, Focus and Shady Records, and a really hot feature with my boy, B.Stille of Nappy Roots.

I have also become apart of ECP Music Group which is a company that works with Itunes, Best Buy, Apple, over 5 platinum selling artists and more.

Shotguns and Canned Goods is coming next….

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